Local Structure

Unifor National Representative - Wally Ewanick

Unifor Local 52A -- Executive

**(Liaison between the Units and Unifor National)

Acting President:  Elaine Cardinal, St. Nicholas School

Vice-President:  vacant

Acting Secretary: Linda DeRose, St. Gerard School

Treasurer: Janice Bowman, St. Francis of Assisi School


Unifor Local 52A, Unit 1 --

(Employer: Edmonton Catholic Schools)

**(Liaison between the Unit and the Employer)

Chair: Kristine Maudsley, St. Mark School

Vice-Chair:   Elaine Cardinal, St. Nicholas School

Secretary: Linda DeRose, St. Gerard School

Trustee: Nellie Siver, St. Angela School

Trustee: Beverly Norton, Ben Calf Robe School

Member-at-Large: vacant