Hamilton Transit Centre is the newest operating transit centre, also known among locals as "HTC", it is located on a 7.3 hectare site at 4111 Boundary Road, Richmond, BC.

Construction began in 2013 and operations commenced in September 2016 replacing North Vancouver Transit Centre. It has a capacity for 300 diesel, hybrid, and CNG variants and Community Shuttle (CTS) buses. It serves various routes in Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Delta and Vancouver. HTC facility is also home to CTS Dispatch.

The facility also allows for TransLink to grow the fleet to approximately 2000 buses. With the closure of Oakridge Transit Centre, the facility now runs Community Shuttle operations in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and South Delta.

It is also in charge of the decommissioning of retired units as well as the commissioning of new vehicles.

Property Rep:

Kevin Renaud


Safety Reps (Conventional):

  1. Mohammed Ali
  2. Peter Sangha
  3. Rob Sangara
  4. Bobby Singh
  5. Marlon Hyland
  6. Bryan De Leon

Safety Reps (CTS):

  1. Dudley Green

Sign-Up Reps (Conventional):

  1. Mohammed Ali
  2. Peter Sangha
  3. Candace Parks
  4. Manjit Sul
  5. Devinder Gill

Sign-Up Reps (CTS):

  1. Ray Beattie

Mental Health Rep:

  1. Hark Sandhu

VIW Rep:

  1. Bryan De Leon

Womens Advocate:

  1. Sandra Montgomery

Womens Committee:

  1. Brenda Lail-Sangha

Young Workers Committee:

  1. Paven Rai
  2. Sheldon Prasad

BC Fed Labour Delegate:

  1. TBA

Chief Job Steward:

Peter Sangha


Sheet and Service Review Reps (Conventional):

  1. Mohammed Ali
  2. Alex MacDonald
  3. Candace Parks
  4. Devinder Gill
  5. Bryan De Leon
  6. Timothy Leung

Sheet and Service Review Reps (CTS):

  1. Ray Beattie

Spareboard Reps:

  1. Alex MacDonald
  2. Sunny Leung

Accident Adjudicators:

  1. Brandon Collison

AMP Reps:

  1. TBA

Care Committee:

  1. TBA

Environment Committee:

  1. TBA

Human Rights:

  1. TBA

Unifor Canada Council Delegate:

  1. Mohammed Ali
  2. Peter Sangha

Unifor BC Regional Council Delegate:

  1. Peter Sangha
  2. Rob Sangra