Richmond Transit Centre, also known  as "RTC", is located at 11133 Coppersmith Way, Richmond BC.

RTC opened on September 4, 2000 with capacity for 200 vehicles, including articulated and double-decker buses, to service Richmond, White Rock, and parts of Burnaby, Delta, Langley, Surrey and Vancouver.

With the closure of the Oakridge Transit Centre (OTC) in September 2016, it was briefly used as the new yard for the decommissioning of retired units as well as the commissioning of new vehicles

Property Rep:

Abbas Mohajer


Safety Reps (Conventional):

  1. Robby Sidhu
  2. Colin Wormworth
  3. Abbas Mohajer
  4. Sue Hawkins
  5. Parm Dhillon
  6. Mike Joseph

Sign-Up Reps (Conventional):

  1. Colin Wormworth
  2. Kash Hayer
  3. Robby Sidhu
  4. Parm Dhillon
  5. Shirley Caballero-Urbina
  6. Mike Joseph

AMP Reps:

  1. Abbas Mohajer

Care Committee:

  1. Melanie Tremblay

Mental Health Reps:

  1. Wayne Fester
  2. Jennifer Jang

VIW Rep:

  1. David Magowan

Young Workers Committee:

  1. Sonu Narang

Unifor Canada Council Delegate:

  1. Colin Wormworth
  2. Abbas Mohajer

Unifor BC Regional Council Delegate:

  1. Robby Sidhu
  2. Colin Wormworth

Chief Job Steward:

Robby Sidhu


Sheet and Service Review Reps (Conventional):

  1. Kash Hayer
  2. Jason McCormick
  3. Colin Wormworth
  4. Jason Tran
  5. Brandon McInroy

Spareboard Reps:

  1. Colin Wormworth
  2. Keith Story

Accident Adjudicators:

  1. Mike Joseph
  2. Jobin Jacob

Environment Committee:

Human Rights:

Womens Advocate:

  1. Melanie Tremblay
  2. Yuqi Yang
  3. Vivi Lee

Womens Committee:

  1. Melanie Tremblay
  2. Tejinder Nunner
  3. Vivi Lee

BC Fed Labour Delegate:

  1. Colin Wormworth
  2. Robby Sidhu