Vancouver Transit Centre also known as VTC, is located at 9149 Hudson Street, Vancouver, BC

VTC houses more than 400 buses. The building has space for approximately 1000 individuals involved in administration, training, operations and management work. In late 2009, it completed a $2,000,000 upgrade to provide additional garage space with the arrival of 34 additional articulated trolley units. Parking space was added on the western side of the property for diesel unit storage.

Property Rep:

Jasmeen (Jas) Thind


Safety Reps (Conventional):

  1. Elaine Yip
  2. Derek Cheung
  3. Dale Martin
  4. Sukhi Raith
  5. Amarjeet Barn
  6. Michael Mills
  7. Terri Johnston
  8. Tyler Wood

Sheet and Service Review Reps (Conventional):

  1. Gary Kong
  2. Randy Gorman
  3. Derek Cheung
  4. Avtar Bhangu

Environment Committee:

  1. TBA

Human Rights:

  1. Harpreet Anand
  2. Gurbir Manhas

Mental Health Rep:

  1. Dale Martin

Young Workers Committee:

  1. Trever Tung
  2. Kulvinder Sandhu

Unifor Canada Council Delegate:

  1. Jasmeen Thind
  2. Gary Kong

Unifor BC Regional Council Delegate:

  1. TBA

Chief Job Steward:

Dev Mangat


Sign-Up Reps (Conventional):

  1. Sukhy Singh
  2. Gary Kong
  3. Avtar Bhangu
  4. Sukhii Raith
  5. Randy Gorman
  6. Michael Cossette
  7. Tyler Wood
  8. Philip Longpre

Spareboard Reps:

  1. Abdul Shaheem
  2. Amarjeet Barn

Accident Adjudicators:

  1. TBA

AMP Reps:

  1. Jasmeen Thind

Care Committee:

  1. TBA

VIW Rep:

  1. Amarjeet Barn
  2. Dev Mangat

Womens Advocate:

  1. Terri Johnston

Womens Committee:

  1. Gen Bouchard

BC Fed Labour Delegate:

  1. TBA